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At Castillo Engineering, Inc. we strive to create innovative engineering solutions to ensure that each project we undertake is a success.

Accurate and thorough identification of utility conflicts in construction plans can be challenging:

- Analyzing the multitude of tiny black lines that identify utilities is often cumbersome and overwhelming.

- Utilities are seldom depicted on all plan components.

- Significant conflicts are often overlooked.

By combining experience and technology, we have developed a groundbreaking Automatic Utility Conflict Identification solution to these age-old challenges.

Our process offers the following advantages over the traditional visual reviewing of plans for utility conflicts:

- All 2-D potential utility conflicts are identified in a matter of hours, not weeks, regardless of the project size.


- The need to reference back and forth, between the utility plans and plan sheets that do not show utilities, is eliminated.


Our process can identify potential utility conflicts within any desired distance of proposed construction:

  • As an example, mast arms that are within the 20' OSHA minimum distance of overhead electric are instantly flagged as potential utility conflicts.
  • Per the FDOT Plans Preparation Manual 5.3, pot-holes / test-holes should be performed when construction is proposed within 3' of existing utilities. We can instantly identify all locations where pot-holes / test-holes should be performed.

  • The results are provided as a .KML file that can be read by many programs.

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