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Offering Solutions That Make A Difference

At Castillo Engineering, Inc. we strive to create innovative engineering solutions to ensure that each project we undertake is a success.

Our Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) services focus on administering, monitoring, and inspecting the Construction Contract such that the project is constructed in reasonable conformity with the plans, specifications, and special provisions for the Construction Contract.

Our Team observes the Contractor’s work to determine the progress and quality of work. Identify discrepancies, report significant discrepancies to the Department, and direct the Contractor to correct such observed discrepancies.


Our Services include:


Coordinate the Construction Contract administration activities of all parties involved in completing the construction project. 

Maintaining the required level of surveillance of Contractor activities, interpreting plans, specifications, and special provisions for the Construction Contract.  Maintain complete, accurate records of all activities and events relating to the project and properly document all project changes.

Project constructibility and claim analysis reviews


 Monitor the Contractor's on-site construction activities and inspect materials entering into the work in accordance with the plans and specifications for the Construction Contract.

Maintain detailed accurate records of the Contractor's daily operations and of significant events that affect the work. 

Monitor and inspect Contractor’s Work Zone Traffic Control Plan in accordance with the Department’s procedures.


 Perform sampling and testing of component materials and completed work in accordance with the Construction Contract documents. 

Determine the acceptability of all materials and completed work items on the basis of either test results or verification of a certification, certified mill analysis, DOT label, DOT stamp, etc.​

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